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Thread: Blood in stool 5 mo help!

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    Default Blood in stool 5 mo help!


    I am a little freaked out. I just changed my 5 mo's diaper and there were two small steaks of blood. I thought I has read something on here about that not being something necessarily to worry about, but. Am concerned. Should we take him to the dr? Please help!

    Also, he is ebf with no bottles, and I haven't changed my diet recently. He did go longer between feeds today because he stayed with my mom. Would that matter? Please help!

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    I think it is probably a good idea to call your doctor and see what they say. However, blood in stool can be entirely benign, and if your baby has been fine until now, and the time that there is blood in your baby's stool is brief, it is unlikely to be anything serious. It may not even be your baby’s blood. - a mom may have a broken capillary in her breast, these can bleed quite a bit, and baby ingests the blood. It sound horrible, but it is painless to mom and harmless to baby. Baby may even spit up bloody milk in such cases which is really scary but again, harmless.

    The longer time between nursing session might have something to do with it and might not. But if it does, that would probably mean it has to do with, again, a broken capillary, or a case of (so called) “too much foremilk.” Neither is a medical concern.

    Let us know if baby continues over a period of time to have bloody stool and/or appears unusually fussy or uncomfortable. Allergy to dairy protein is a cause of blood in stool. But not as a one or few time thing, it would be ongoing.
    more info http://kellymom.com/health/baby-health/bloodystool/

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    Just want to add that if your doc's knee-jerk reaction is to "switch formulas" or "switch to formula", you want to see a different doc or at least talk the reasoning through here, because that is not an appropriate response. But it is the default position for a lot of pediatricians.

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    I think that pediatricians say to switch to formula because they think that if you are expressing problems with breastfeeding you are looking for an excuse to stop, because a lot of mothers do not find it all that rewarding. If you insist that you really want to breastfeed, they are usually willing to work with you.

    My baby had this problem a lot and it worried me to death but it cleared up when my baby started solid food at 6 months. The pediatrician said it was only a big concern if the baby was not gaining weight.

    But do talk to the pediatrician about it.

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