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Thread: Baby cryingwhen trying to finger feed or feed by syringe

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    Default Baby cryingwhen trying to finger feed or feed by syringe

    Im in the process of trying to relactate, I rented a hospital grade pump, I only am producing a few drops right now but in the mean time I was trying to use a sns but my baby( who is 2 months old/10weeks) wont latch and just cries when I try to put him to the breast, im assuming he has a nipple preference for the bottle. I have been trying to feed him using a syringe and finger feeding instead of the bottle and he does okay for the first few minutes but after that starts crying until I give him his bottle. Should I give him his bottle when he starts to cry or keep trying to feed him with the other methods? Has anyone had success with trying these methods to get baby back to breast?

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    I don’t; really have an answer without knowing more...Was finger feeding suggested to you by an IBCLC? Do you understand what issue is trying to be solved with finger feeding? Is baby unable/unwilling to latch on the breast, unable to show any interest in the breast, even for comfort, (rather than hunger) or even occasionally?

    I could be wrong, but I think finger feeding is typically done for two main reasons. To feed a baby who does not latch on the breast (as an alternative to bottles) and as a suck training measure. You are already bottle feeding-correct? so if there is nipple confusion, that already exists. I am not sure what finger feeding now will do about that. But does your baby need suck training??? Basically, is baby physically capable of latching and nursing, but won't, or is baby NOT physically capable of latching and nursing? These are two different issues that may need to be approached differently.

    So, I have some questions-here are some to start-

    did baby ever nurse? if so, when and for how long?
    Why did nursing stop?
    How much formula/breastmilk does baby eat every day?
    How many bottles of how much is in each bottle?
    have you been using paced bottle feeding techniques to bottle feed?

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    I decided to try finger feeding to wean him off the bottle because he has a strong preference for the bottle. When I try to get him to latch he cries and refuses to even try. I'm not sure if he is capable but I think he may be. He was exclusively breast feed for two weeks then I started supplementing and eventually he became only bottle fed formula. I am in the process of trying to rebuild supply with a medela symphony.
    Nursing stopped by the time he was 5 weeks or so and he is now 11 weeks. id estimate he eats 24 oz a day. he eats 2-3 oz and on rare occasions 4 oz. he has gerd btw. I don't know about paced bottle feeding. nursing stopped because I was nursing him every half hour and was exhausted. I wanted to at least partially nurse but lost my supply. I regret not tring harder

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    Default Re: Baby cryingwhen trying to finger feed or feed by syringe

    nursing stopped because I was nursing him every half hour and was exhausted.
    But when nursing stopped at 5 weeks-Were there latch issues? did nursing hurt? Was this frequency part of the day, which could be totaly normal, or all day? If a baby needs to nurse 48 times a day to get enough milk, that would indicate a serious issue with poor milk transfer. Did you ever see an IBCLC or is that possible for you?

    This is important. Because if your baby can latch and nurse, then i would suggest not spending too much time finger feeding as a feeding method, esp. as it only upsets baby, but concentrate on encouraging baby to take the breast.

    Comfort nursing usually comes first, so do not wait for hunger to bring baby to the breast. Hold baby skin to skin as much as you possibly can, especially when baby is sleeping. If baby shows any interest in the breast, even in sleep, try encouraging latch on with a few drops of milk or formula placed on your nipple from a syringe. If baby gets too frustrated, give baby a little bit in the bottle or the finger feeder, a half ounce or an ounce, then encourage latching again. Once baby starts to latch and suckle, you can try inserting the feeding tube into baby's mouth so baby can get supplemented with formula or your milk at the breast, assuming baby is nursing well enough to get the milk to flow through the tube.

    When feeding baby and not trying to get baby to the breast, keep feedings small (2-3 ounces is fine, probably, as long as baby keeps getting 25 or so ounces total per day and is gaining normally) and use paced bottle feeding techniques & cue feed.

    This can be hard (but still possible) to figure out on your own. Any local breastfeeding support around you?

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    Default Re: Baby cryingwhen trying to finger feed or feed by syringe

    Paced bottle feeding-bottle feeding the breastfed baby
    Information sheet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH4T70OSzGs
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH4T70OSzGs (Don’t worry about what she says about time between feeds- typically, best to cue feed whether nursing or bottles.)

    lots of good videos about latch. In particular, look at ‘inserting a lactation aid’ and ‘not yet latching, finger feed to latch’ http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=videos

    You have surely seen this but it really covers every trick I know for encouraging baby nursing- http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    nice article on juggling pumping and feeding with lactation aid http://cwgenna.com/smartnothard.html

    i strongly suggest the book making more milk.

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