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Thread: Green Poop since antibiotic

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    My little one just turned 3 months, he had an ear infection and started a 10 day course of antibiotics on Thanksgiving, after about 24hrs of antibiotics and ever since he has had green stools, I figured it was the antibiotic but now with it continued after stopping the antibiotic I don't know what to do. I am making sure I feed and empty 1 breast at a time to make sure it's not too much foremilk and it hasn't made any differences. the stools are frequent and looser than normal breast milk poop and also have a mucousy look as well. I'm wondering if he could use a probiotic after the antibiotic. I also just got my first postpartum period and wondered if it could be hormones, Ive read teething can do it, he has been drooling like crazy. It's been like 2 weeks since I have seen normal stools just starting to get more and more concerned with this. Any help or insights are greatly appreciated!

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    Forgot to mention I am worried I may have an infection (or something going on) in my left breast, I have a deep pain in it (this may sound odd but If i sort of bear down in my chest the pain gets worse) I did have slight fever of 100 and chills a few weeks ago and have had a cold since, could it be mastitis? Even if it was that should not cause green stools right? (I had Mastitis once before about 6 years ago, but it was bad 104 fever, felt like hell, swollen hot engorged breast, my milk tasted like super salty salt water and LO wouldn't nurse on it, this pain has been so different I didn't think it could be Mastitis but can there be more mild cases?)

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    just read up on the antibiotic he was on apparently it can cause diarrhea sometimes severe and up to 2 months after it is taken, might give his docs a call

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    It's almost certainly the antibiotic that's to blame, so a probiotic might help. Also, breastmilk is the ultimate prebiotic- that is, it has all the right stuff in it to promote the growth of a healthy intestinal flora. So just keep nursing, and the green poops will probably go away. Don't worry too much about them. In an otherwise healthy, happy, growing baby, green is a normal part of the spectrum of poop colors.

    At this point, are you offering both breasts at every feeding, or are you just nursing on one breast at a time?

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    I agree, it's most likely to be the antibiotic. A probiotic might help his tummy recover sooner, but I wouldn't say it's strictly necessary.

    The pain in your breast, I wonder about. From your description, it actually kind of sounds like a pulled muscle or something like that. If you've been coughing with your cold that wouldn't surprise me. But antibiotics can also lead to thrush and I can tell you when I had thrush PART of it was a deep shooting pain inside my breast. For me, it was accompanied by a burning/itching sensation on my nipples. I'm not sure what the likelihood is of having thrush deep in the ducts without showing symptoms on the outside of the breast, but it may be something to think about if the pain is bothering you a great deal.
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    Yes I agree, you can put a little probiotic on your nipple before baby nurses, if you like. But don't stress about it. Nursing lots will heal baby quickly and your milk is the perfect substance to keep baby healthy and hydrated even if baby has diarrhea.

    Yes I also think the pain in breast could be a plug or thrush or it may be related to hormonal changes evidenced by your period...It also might not be breastfeeding related at all, so I suggest keep an 'eye' on that.

    How does teething bring on a post partum period? Or do you mean the breast pain? I am confused! Also please do not worry about foremilk. Just nurse as often as baby wishes and on each breast (or one at a time is fine) as long baby wishes. You can expect a 3 month old to be nursing quite frequently, 8 or more (sometimes much more) times each 24 hour day.

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    Yes mama irregular poop is common. My 3 1/2 y/o is on antibiotics for the first time and he has had watery poop the whole time. My son unfortunately wasn't eating during the first few days of his bad fever/infection combo......but now that he's eating it doesn't hurt for him to poop. BUT DEFINITELY common in antibiotics. Just try to make your LO as comfortable as possible. Take care mama!
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