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Thread: Bed Sharing and scheduling questions...

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    Hi all. First Post. I have a 7 week old. She is my third baby. My first two were formula fed babies because of poor latch and my frustration and fear as they weren't gaining. With This baby, I just pushed through and didn't give up. So very happy to be exclusively nursing my third!
    This baby is very very different. She wakes up every hour, uses nursing for comfort, and does not nap much during the day. I was prepared for most of this as I know breastfeeding is much different. I am very nervous about bed sharing. Does anyone have any advice or possibly a sample schedule of seven week olds for naps and night time? I really appreciate the advice and support!!

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby and on making it to 7 weeks of nursing! If you made it this far, there's no limit to how far you can go!!!

    Sample schedule for a 7 week old baby:
    Eating: random, but probably at least 10-12 times in 24 hours
    Naps: random
    Nighttime sleep: random

    Helpful, right? . Seriously, the only thing you can expect with a 7 week old baby is the unexpected. If you're lucky, your baby is sleeping more at night and is more alert during the day. But that's pretty much all you can hope for at this stage.

    Do you have a sling or swing? Many babies will nap contentedly in a swing/sling, potentially allowing you to move around the house and accomplish tasks.

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    Well...the truth is, there's really no schedule with babies and breastfeeding. Feeding the baby on cue is really the way to go in order to protect your milk supply, and make sure baby gets enough to eat. At 7 weeks old, naps, night time, feeding--it's all going to be highly variable from baby to baby. Just go with your baby's cues. Know that waking every hour, nursing for comfort, and short naps during the day are all very, very normal newborn behaviors. To share my own experience: my daughter had only just figured out the difference between daytime and nighttime at 7 weeks, and that was about when she started doing really ANY sleeping at all at night! This will get better with time.

    Bedsharing is a great way to actually get some sleep during this phase! Here is my favorite resource for safe bedsharing: http://cosleeping.nd.edu/safe-co-sleeping-guidelines/ James McKenna is THE authority on this matter. He's done lots of good research on mothers and babies and sleep.
    Apologies for the short responses! I'm usually responding one-handed on my smartphone!

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    Thank You! I suspected that a schedule would be N/A for this Bf baby. I am happy to nurse her as she needs and she does sleep all night in between feedings so I guess thats good for right now. I think my negative connotations with Bed Sharing are more cultural influences than actual dangers as long as I do it safely. Now if I could just figure out how to latch on discreetly in public, I would be all set! One thing is for sure, I dont miss all the fuss of formula and bottles. This is SOOOO Much easier...and awesome.

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    Give yourself time to get the hang of public nursing. Newborn babies are difficult to latch, they take a long time to nurse, and they're so tiny that they don't provide much cover. Older babies, on the other hand, can latch on with no assistance, nurse relatively rapidly, and are large enough to provide you with pretty decent concealment. 3 things that can help you nurse in public through the newborn period are nursing shirts, slings/wraps, and nursing covers. I'm not a big fan of covers, but a lot of moms like them. I do like nursing shirts, though- they're great for allowing you to expose the minimum of skin. Either invest in a couple or layer your shirts- wear one you can pull up over one you can pull down. And nursing in a sling or wraps is another way to expose minimum skin, since the wrap/sling will cover a lot of area.

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