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Thread: Question about pooping in 1 month old

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    Question Question about pooping in 1 month old


    I have a question about pooping in a one month old because so many sites are telling me that she should be pooping every or every other feeding. She doesn't. She typically goes once every day to 2 days but they are HUGE. Like it makes up for what she doesn't do. Her diapers are always soaking wet after every feeding. They are always mustard yellow.

    She's always content after each feeding. She will tell me when she wants to eat. I just started bedsharing instead of rock n play and it seems to get her awake and eating more often but before that, she usually eats every 2-3 hours with a 4 hour stretch, right after cluster feeding for at least 2-3 hours at night. Tonight will be the first night so we'll see how she does and if that changes tonight or not. She's always usually on me babywearing or in the rock n play but I'm trying to decrease that.

    She was in the NICU for her first week of life (born at 37w2d, went in labor naturally, natural delivery with pitocin to regular my contractions) due to ABO incompatibility jaundice and possible blood infection (which she didn't have, thank God) and received formula due to the seriousness of the jaundice and EBM when my milk came in, and she was allowed to nurse a few times a day. Then when she came home, all of that stopped (no pacis, no bottles, no formula, no nothing, which was my plan anyway) and she never had a problem with nipple confusion or whatnot (THANK GOD!) She latched on right away and just fine after that.

    Her weights were:

    At birth- 6.10
    At NICU discharge (1 week old)- 6.4 (which is really weird because she received formula and other than that every 3 hours around the clock)
    2 days later at the pediatrician- 6.8
    At The Breastfeeding Center 2 weeks later (at 3 weeks old) - 7.2

    She will have her one month old checkup appt tomorrow and I will see how much she have gained.

    She always eats well, milk is always dripping out my nipples and her mouth after she's done and I think I have a bit of oversupply.

    Insight, please?

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    After 6 weeks, it's normal for poop frequency to decrease to as little as once a week. The longer a baby goes between poops, the larger the poops are. Anyone who tells you differently is probably misapplying knowledge about formula-fed babies.

    Sounds like everything is going really well for you and your baby, so just enjoy!

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    Good gracious. Who is saying babies should poop at every feeding? That is way wrong. That would be 10 or more times a day!

    Yes some babies poop this much in the newborn period. But many do not. The rule of thumb is 3 or more poops a day of a certain size up until about 6 weeks, and very often much less after that. And some babies, like yours, are just infrequent poopers from the start.

    As long as baby is nursing frequently and gaining weight normally, poop frequency in a breastfed baby is not all that important.

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