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    I wrote a couple of days ago asking about my son's nursing strike. Thank you to those who were able to offer some advice. I have a follow-up question. We are now on day 6 of the nursing strike. I have gotten my son to nurse at night after he falls into a light sleep with the bottle. So, the question now is...how do I get him to nurse while awake?

    I am still offering without pressure. I am a working mom so baby wearing is very difficult time wise and he has started to crawl and wants to explore more than anything.

    I have also discovered that at least 1 tooth is coming in, a premolar (the one that is next to a bottom incisor). And he was sick. So I'm sure that is all part of it. But will he ever forget the discomfort and come back? When do I know to call it quits and except that my child is one of the few that weaned himself before his first birthday?

    Thank you again for the support.

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    I haven't personally dealt with a nursing strike so I'm not sure how you get him to nurse again while awake. But, I do think it's GREAT that you got him to nurse while semi-asleep at least. That's progress! I bet the tooth has a lot to do with it. Maybe try giving some baby ibuprofen and see if that makes him more willing to nurse? Or try different positions that might not put the same pressure on the tooth that's coming in? Some moms have had luck taking a bath together with baby...something about you both being naked and the warm water seems to make them want to latch sometimes. I hope somebody else comes along soon with better advice! Don't lose hope! There are some moms on here who had babies strike for weeks or months and still come back to the breast later (there was one lady with a baby who refused to nurse while awake, and only nursed when sleeping, for several MONTHS! It was a young baby, too. Wish I remembered her name, she'd probably have good advice or at least commiseration for you).
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    I just offered once in awhile, like every few wks. Granted most strikes don't last as long as ours did (months), if you offer while he's awake do it when you are feeling good emotionally and won't get down if he refuses. My daughter ended her strike on her own terms. One day after 4 mos I think she pulled at my shirt while I changed her diaper. I said oh you don't want to nurse....but took her to the recliner and she nursed a few min fully awake. She nursed a few more times awake that month and then the next month fully transitioned to awake nursing. So no real trick, just offer while you are calm and try not to be hurt if he refuses.

    joshuasmommy - that might be me....I don't know too many people who have strikes that long but sometimes I'm afraid to mention it bc I don't want to scare any one.

    Oh and it's not weaning. My dtr was reluctant to wean at 39 mos but for other reasons I felt like it was time (infertility/recurrent miscarriages/messed up hormone levels).
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