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Thread: Terrible fridge at work

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    Default Terrible fridge at work

    So the folks at my office set up a room with a little fridge for me before I came back last week, which is awesome... except they got the worst fridge ever. It barely felt cold so I got a thermometer to put in there. It never goes below 44 degrees, and is more often above 50 degrees. That just isn't going to cut it for breast milk storage, so I have been using ice packs in an insulated bag.... mainly because I don't want to traipse through the entire office carrying milk and then store it in the main fridge. Although I am thinking I might get/make a little bag to put it in so I can do that discreetly.

    I also don't have access to a sink without walking through the whole office carrying breast pump parts, plus it would still be wet when it was time to pump again. I had read other people just using the same pieces through the day, either keeping them in the fridge or relying on the storage times for room temp.

    What do you guys think about keeping the pump pieces in the crappy fridge between pumping? And what do you think of the Medela wipes? I have some of those, but have just switched to the Purely Yours, which will be harder to wipe down than the Freestyle I was using. Plus I am always a little uncertain about wiping whatever is in those things all over the pump parts.

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    I often walk through my entire office with parts to get to a sink. I also don't typically have enough room in our office refrigerator to store my parts, so I use the wipes and rinse with really hot water in between pumpings. I'm also not shy about what it is that I'm doing, so I set up towels by my workstation to dry my parts in between pumpings. Towels to set the parts down on, and towels to cover them up. (Not to hide them, but because I work in health care, and I just want them covered up as much as I possibly can!) Up until this month, I had been pumping every two hours, and my parts were pretty much always dry when it was time to pump again. The parts being a little damp also never really impacted anything with my Medela PIS, but I know wet pieces are a big concern with the Freestyle!

    I also keep my milk in an insulated cooler with an ice pack. I always have, even though sometimes I do actually have fridge space for my cooler. It's just easier for me to keep the milk with my pump, and easier for transport. It's especially easier for me if I can't immediately unload my milk into the fridge when I get home, since it stays good this way for 24 hours!
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    Default Re: Terrible fridge at work

    I was not crazy about the Medela wipes. They do fine for big pieces like the flanges since you can reach all the surfaces, but they won't get into the nooks and crannies of the valves and connectors, so I didn't really see the point. On the Purely Yours I think they would work even less effectively since the middle part of the all-in-one flange/valve is inaccessible by hand.

    I have an office with a door, and then the break room with the sink is way down the hall of the building. I used to put my pump parts in a zippered mesh lingerie bag and then carry it to/from the break room to clean the parts. I bought a dark colored one so you really couldn't see what was in it unless you looked really close, plus the mesh lets the parts air dry in between if you don't have a discreet place to lay out the individual pieces (I would just leave the mesh bag sitting on a shelf or side table, sort of spread out a little for maximum air flow). Occasionally someone would walk into the break room while I was actually rinsing the parts, but for the most part people minded their own business and I don't think they even noticed. Only one person ever said something to me, and it was supportive (something to the effect of "how great that still breastfeeding your baby").

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    Default Re: Terrible fridge at work

    I keep my milk in my insulated bag with an ice pack. I'd be worried about leaving milk at work accidentally.
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    I just got extra sets of pump parts and would bring 2 or 3 sets to work and wash them all in the dishwasher each night. (If you dry in the dishwasher on hot dry, it counts as sterilizing too, not that that's really necessary once baby is past the newborn phase). I also left an extra set of pump parts at work in case I forgot them one time, or in case something broke. It's a little expensive, but worth it in convenience IMO.
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