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Thread: Purely Yours diaphragm troubleshooting

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    I have two pumps... Medela Freestyle bought through some FSA money I needed to burn, and an Ameda Purely Yours sent by the insurance company. I was using the Freestyle, but once I came back to work last week it seemed like I got less milk every day. So, yesterday I broke out the Purely Yours to give it a shot.

    I just used it for the fourth time... The diaphragm in one flange sometimes collapses a bit more with each pump until it is completely collapsed. Most of the time the diaphragms only collapse a little and then fully expand again before the next pump... but twice now it one side has done the thing where it collapses more and more until all the air has been sucked out of the diaphragm. I tried swapping the diaphragm out for a new one, and reseating the hard plastic cap thingie. I didn't try switching the valve that sits in the bottle opening because I didn't want to mess with the milk in the middle of pumping, but other than that I am not sure what else to try.

    Any ideas what is causing that?

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    Uh -- mine did that sometimes (not all the time) and I could never entirely figure out why. I borrowed a friend's, and hers did that all the time. I didn't use hers more than once or twice. Sometimes mine seemed to go away when I changed out the valve. I think it's one of the issues with this pump (I liked mine overall, though). The only thing that solved it for me was repeatedly popping the top on that valve, so it would reinflate the diaphragm. Sometimes it would work permanently, sometimes I had to do it a lot. Might be worth calling the company about. I'm done pumping for now, but may use mine again when I start up again and might call them then if it happens again. You can tell them other people have the same problem.
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