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    at 2wks my baby's pediatrician called with worries about the newborn screening results, positive for galactosemia. they redid the screening and told me I had to stop breastfeeding that week until the results came back. that week I was pumping & dumping worried with the amount that I was getting about 2oz from each side. screening results came back and it was a false positive. LO no longer wanted breast I'm guessing the amount from the bottle was nothing compared to the amount she was receiving from my breasts. hardest decision of my life was to stop BF. she is now 3months & 2wks old and I'm trying to BF again, taking Brewers Yeast 3pills with every meal also taking domperidone 10mg 3x a day and trying to get her to BF before giving her a bottle so my breasts can produce milk. I'm worried this is all a waste of time because all I can get is a few drops from each side. what does anyone recommend I do? I'd really love to have that EBF bond once again with my baby

    i also heard about a product called Milky and another one called Mothers Milk Tea. im desperate.

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    Are you regularly pumping (as many times a day as you can manage) with a hospital grade pump? Frequent pumping is key, even if you are only getting drops. If baby will nurse, frequent as posible nursing is good too.

    I suggest the book Making More Milk. It covers the many methods moms can try to increase/bring back their milk production more completely than any other resource I am aware of. For an online resource, I think Kellymom.com has the best articles for low production, pumping etc.

    I am very sorry this happened to you. Pumping 2 ounces at a time would not indicate low production, if you were getting two ounces from each side, then that indicates even more milk so I am sorry you thought that was inadequate. How large were/are the bottles baby gets? You might consider trying feeding less at a time but more frequently in order to make the bottle feeding more like breastfeeding. I can give you more info on bottle feeding the breatfed baby if you like.

    It sounds as if you had normal production until at least two weeks and possibly later ? I am not sure when you stopped pumping? But this indicates your body is capable of normal milk production.

    IN any case, it is not easy to relactate and there are no guarantees. I am so sorry you were not given better support in getting baby back to the breast when this all happened. However, I do want to assure you that babies CAN come back to the breast at this age and much older, and mothers CAN relactate and increase their production, sometimes even to the point baby can be exclusively breastfed.

    Is baby willing to nurse at all at this point? Have you considered trying a lactation aid (at the breast supplementer?)
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