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Thread: painful nipple, two white spot on it

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    Default painful nipple, two white spot on it

    hi, i have this concern which is already been more than a month. at first i had plugged ducts when my LO was 1 mo. it was solved when a friend of mine who is also a mom gave me some tips on how to unplugged it.

    then when Lo was 3 mo. there was one night when i felt my right breast was sore while she latches. i immediately pulled my breast and offer the other side. i thought putting some extracted milk on it will solve the issue but when i checked it the follwing morning,there was white spot and plugged duct reappear. after pumping, and nursing engorgement was gone but the white spot becomes 2 and til now still painful. it maybe a trush because there was a time when my baby's gums had a white spot too and she had watery bowel and her perineal area was all red. but it took a day and gone.

    please help me what to do with my nipple.

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    Default Re: painful nipple, two white spot on it


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