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    My ten month old daughter has exclusively breast milk (nursing and expressed) but has not had good weight gain. I have noticed in the past month that the fat layer on the top of my expressed breast milk is much less. Nervous this could account for poor weight gain and the pediatrician has suggested formula for supplementation. I would really like to continue nursing and appreciate any suggestions.
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    What amount of fat that floats to the top of the bottle of expressed milk is meaningless. See pix and explanation at the bottom of this article. http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/p...-when-pumping/

    On the other hand, I think Fat content of milk does normally reduce at least somewhat over time, because a 10 month old typically grows maybe half as fast as a newborn and does not need as much fat. This does not mean your milk is inadequate. If there is a problem with gain and its due to breastmilk (rather than illness etc), it's about quantity, not quality, of the milk.

    If you give us a weight history we might be able to help better. How is baby's growth in other areas? is baby meeting milestones? Are you concerned? Is baby eating solids and how much, and when were they introduced? How often does your baby nurse each day? How many bottles and how large?

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