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Thread: Confused! Please help!

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    My son is 6 weeks old. I've been pumping since we were in the hospital due to weight gain issues. He's since regulated his weight and is exclusively breast feeding, yet I've continued to pump after his morning feeding to build up my freezer stash. I now have a substantial stash and would like to stop this morning pumping session.

    Additionally, my son used to feed from each breast during a feeding, but I think he's become more efficient at sucking and now is only usually taking 1 breast (he is gaining weight, so I know that he's getting enough). I always start his next feeding on the side he didnt feed on the last time. However, I'm now constantly engorged on the side he didnt eat from - often soaking through bra pads and occasionally my shirts. I know this is not helping that I'm trying to stop pumping right now either.

    Am I doing the right thing? How long does it usually take for my body to regulate?

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    Are you offering the second side? You could try doing that. Also, how slowly are you weaning down the pumping?

    It's common to have a degree of oversupply early on, that sometimes doesn't regulate for the first few months. One thing that helps is to nurse very frequently. And definitely do limit the pumping - but since you are already in the pumping habit, you'll probably have to slow down on that gradually, as stopping suddenly may make you prone plugged ducts and mastitis.

    When you are feeling very engorged, and/or leaking, you could try to hand express. That is less stimulating than pumping but can still give relief. Cabbage leaves on the breast, under your bra, can help too; but if you use them, just keep an eye on things, because you don't want to get TOO dried up.

    Finally, if you don't see any improvement in the engorgement, you might consider seeing a lactation consultant (if you aren't already), preferably an IBCLC. In severe cases of oversupply/engorgement, block feeding can help (ie, nursing off one breast more than once in a row, thereby decreasing demand to the other breast and decreasing supply). But this can also overly decrease in supply so needs to be undertaken with caution - especially since it sounds like there were problems with weight gain early on - preferably with someone who can give you hands-on help.

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    with bfwmomof3. I especially suggest, try nursing more often. This will cause less of a time lapse between milk extraction on each breast which should help, assuming baby cooperates, and is usually the simplest way to solve this type of issue. Is breastfeeding comfortable for you?

    I know all that leaking is a mess and inconvenient, but leaking also helps keep a mom from getting too bad off engorgement wise, so its a good thing.

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    are you using cloth or disposable breast pads? I always soaked right thru the cloth ones, including milk running down my belly and soaking my pants, so I usually opted to use disposables (with that dodgy super-absorbent gel in them).

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    I know how inconvenient it is to get soaked up. I agree with lllmeg. You're not yet weaning your LO so you might just want to BF him when he needs to. That's the only way(other than pumping) to lessen the soaking part and it will keep your breasts from getting painful. If it doesn't really help you, then you might want to see a doctor so she can give you an expert advice on this.

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