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Thread: using my freezer stash

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    I just wanted to get input on how I'm using my freezer stash (which is quite impressive right now). My husband has been giving my son a bottle 1x/day so that I can have a break (I pump at this time). For that feeding, we've been giving my son my oldest frozen milk and then freezing my freshly pumped milk so that we're constantly cycling through our stash and can prolong its use. Does this make sense?

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    Hi lindsay1023, I just replied to your other post. I think in your situation you want to limit bottles and pumping so that you can match your supply more closely to baby's intake. But yes, the way you are cycling through your stash is fine. Here are the kelly mom guidelines on milk storage: http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/m...e/milkstorage/

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