My dd is 25 months and she naps for 2 hours usually, but after the first hour is crying out to nurse. Sometimes it is then hard to sneak away as she wants to stay sleeping with the boob in her mouth. If I don't nurse her, she wakes up really grumpy, wants to be held, and then keeps pawing all over me and crying to nurse and trying to wriggle into nursing position. Sometimes if I nurse her then she will go back to sleep.

She still nurses a LOT, including many times throughout the day (too many to count), nursing down for nap and night, and a few times during the night. The night nursings have miraculously decreased over the last few months, from 7-8 to about 3-4, almost always all in the early morning. I am happy with that. But I am frustrated with her need to nurse half way through her nap, when it is my only solid block of time to get work done, including often with students.

At night she easily goes more than 2 hours without nursing. Is it possible to wean her from that mid-nap nursing? How???