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Thread: Help weaning 12 month old that won't take a bottle

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    Default Help weaning 12 month old that won't take a bottle

    My 12 month old won't take a bottle of milk from me or drink anything but water from a sippy cup. His nanny 'sneaks' breastmilk into him in a bottle when he's asleep. He won't take a bottle from her when he's awake. I am nervous about weaning him and him not getting any milk. If I stop nursing will he slowly agree to take milk from a bottle or sippy cup? or will he just quit drinking milk? So far, I have stopped his middle of the night nursings, and he refuses the bottle and goes back to sleep. Are there any tricks to get a toddler to drink milk?

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    Default Re: Help weaning 12 month old that won't take a bottle

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    Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to get a toddler interested in cow's milk. Some kids just don't like the taste. But the "dairy" in a child's diet doesn't necessarily need to come from milk. You can offer cheese and yogurt instead. You can even meet your child's dairy needs with non-dairy items- you just need to be a lot more proactive about researching what foods will deliver the proper balance of fat and calcium.

    Facing the difficulty of a kid who isn't interested in cow's milk is one reason why a lot of moms decide to continue to nurse into the second year. Sometimes it's a lot easier to nurse a few times a day than to battle a child over his diet. Would you be open to that? In the second year, a lot of moms drop the pumping and just continue to nurse when they're with their kids. If you're nursing around 3-5 times a day, you can meet your child's dairy needs yourself.
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    Default Re: Help weaning 12 month old that won't take a bottle

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. You are definitely making me rethink weaning completely. I am increasing his yogurt and cheese amounts daily, as well as sneaking in milk in all his food.

    Thanks again!

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