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    LO will be 4 weeks on Friday. His birth weight was 8#4oz. His lowest weight was 7#13 at 6 days old. His weight today with only a 5 minute half asleep feed was 8#5. The pediatrician was hoping he'd weigh more then that.

    I nurse every 2 hours during the day, and every 4 at night.

    Am I doing the right things here? Should I nurse more?

    Thank you!

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    When there's a concern about weight gain, the first thing to do is to figure out if the concern is warranted. Some questions for you:
    1. Has baby always been weighed nude, using the same scale?
    2. How does nursing feel- is it comfortable for you?
    3. Has baby been sleepy or jaundiced at all?
    4. How has baby's output of wet/poopy diapers been over the last few weeks?
    5. Stools- abundant and yellowish, or scanty and green/brown?

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    Yes, same scale and naked.
    Nursing is much more comfortable now. A rough start with cracked nipples nd thrush in the milk ducts... Ouch!!
    Sleepy like a typical newborn. Jaundice levels checked today and pedi called tonight, all is normal.
    Lots of wet and dirty dipes.
    Yellow curdy looking stool.
    Thank you!

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    This is pretty slow gain. Typically at this age a baby will gain ~ an ounce per day starting at about day 6, and the gain from that point is only a third of that. So I think your pediatrician is right to be concerned.
    But with such slow gain, I would not expect normal output...
    How many poops per 24 hours that are the size of a us 50 cent piece or larger?

    I suggest, Rule out scale or human error. It happens. Ask your doctor if the scale has been recalibrated since the 6 day weight and, whether it has or not, have baby weighed again to double check. Then,

    Is there any way you can see a board certified lactation consultant? (IBCLC) Weight gain issues might be a breastfeeding issue and it might be something else. It is important that breastfeeding be assessed to make sure baby is transferring milk properly and to assess if there is a low milk production problem. So I think it is very important to see someone who will help you assess that. Aside from that, I suggest:

    Gently encourage baby to nurse as much as baby will, at LEAST 10 times a 24 hour day. More is fine.
    Gently Encourage baby to nurse for as long as baby will
    try breast compressions-search "jack newman breast compressions" for description
    Stop or cut back on any pacifier use or swaddling
    Did the ped suggest supplementing?

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