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Thread: Self weaning.... Now what?

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    I have love feeding my daughter into toddlerhood and am prepared to carry on, she on the other hand wants to stop! She cut down to just nap and bed time a few moths ago but for the last few days has cut that out too and has happily fallen asleep with a story and cuddles (very proud and also devistated) which I guess was our aim for her to self wean. Anyway, what now? Is she okay with just cows milk or should I be giving her something else? She is in brilliant health, eats well and drinks plenty. At advice would be brill.

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    How old is she? If she's over a year, then whole cow's milk (or goat's milk) is a completely acceptable thing for her to be drinking. You can also offer other dairy like cheese and yogurt. And you can even forgo dairy altogether, if you choose, provided you offer your child enough calcium-rich and fat-rich alternate foods.

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