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Thread: Pumping to alleviate heavy letdown

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    Question Pumping to alleviate heavy letdown

    Yesterday my 11 day old daughter started to have some difficulty latching on to one breast. I quickly figured out that I was having a heavy let down and that a small amount of pumping before putting her on the breast fixed the problem.

    When I finished this little bit of pumping this morning I placed the bottle in the fridge. Im wondering can I keep this up pumping into the same bottle and eventually freezing whats there or will this milk be too fore milk heavy and no good?

    I also kind of want to just place the whole manual pump in the fridge, but Im assuming I should take it apart and clean it with each use. Yeah, Im feeling lazy about it, go figure with an 11 day old.

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    Hi mama, welcome to the forum!

    It's absolutely fine to put the whole pump in the fridge between feedings and clean once per day (for example). And I wouldn't worry about the milk being all foremilk in terms of giving it to her at some future time.

    Sometimes pumping can make forceful letdown worse, though.

    One strategy for dealing with fast/forceful letdown is to use a laid-back nursing position. There's more information in these links:

    Another strategy is to hand express rather than pumping.

    The good thing is that baby usual gets better at dealing with fast letdown as she gets older. And supply also tends to regulate over time - usually moms start out with a degree of oversupply, which can contribute to the fast letdown.

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    Default Re: Pumping to alleviate heavy letdown

    with the PP, particularly with her advice about pumping's potential to exacerbate problems with fast letdowns, and also problems with oversupply, which is often the root of the fast letdowns. I totally understand why pumping might be part of your life right now, but if you can find a way to avoid it, I would recommend doing so.

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