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Thread: Baby crying at breast

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    my baby boy is 5 weeks old and I have been struggling to breastfeed him since his birth. He is so happy until its time to breastfeed then he is kicking crying and pushes the breast away. I tried a breastshield and it works well sometimes but I am back at work and I would like to be able to leave him my breast milk but am only pumping about 1-2 oz from both breasts every 3 hours I'm giving him formula while I'm gone and he now seems to hate breastfeeding and only wants the bottle. It seems to happen most at night but he is fussy at the breast almost always until I give him a bottle. I really don't want to give up but I don't know how to get him to want the breast! Help please !

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    Hi mama, welcome to the forum.

    Here are some suggestions on getting baby back to breast:

    Can you elaborate more on why breastfeeding was difficult at the beginning? Was nursing painful? Is it painful now? Have you seen a LC, preferably an IBCLC? Are you using paced feeding techniques for bottle feeding? What kind of a pump are you using and for how long are you pumping? Have you had the flanges fitted?

    Sorry for so many questions!

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    Some babies do develop a preference for the bottle since it is so much easier to get milk from a bottle than from the breast and babies can figure this out very quickly. What flow of nipple do you have on the bottle? is your care giver knowledgeable about how to bottle feed a breast fed baby? This link has more info on that.
    How many pumping sessions are you able to get in a day? How long are you pumping for? What type of pump are you using? Have you tried different positions while nursing? Side laying, football hold? Does he scream as soon as you try to put him on the breast or at some point during nursing?
    Also babies are very often just generally fussy in the evenings. Doesn't necessarily have anything to do with nursing.

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    I agree with both pp. I won't ask any more questions, and await your answers. but I do want to mention, you are pumping a normal amount. Yes it would be nice if you could pump more and you certainly may be able to increase that per session output. But a typical feeding at this age would be about 2 to 3 ounces or so. Sometimes more, sometimes less. And many moms do need to pump more than once to get enough for each feeding.

    It is very important that any bottles be given by cue and using paced feeding. This may help with nipple confusion and overfeeding. A 5 week old is very likely to overfeed with a bottle, and a baby who is overfed when mom is at work is going to lose interest in nursing very quickly. Besides the link above i suggest these as well-

    -bottle feeding the breastfed baby
    Information sheet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH4T70OSzGs
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH4T70OSzGs (Don’t worry about what she says about time between feeds- typically, best to cue feed whether nursing or bottles.)
    Also unless there is a weight gain concern I would suggest try very hard to not bottle feed when you are with baby, unless you are offering a little supplement as an 'instant reward' as suggested in the back to the breast article linked above. A healthy gaining baby who is capable of nursing does not need a bottle when mom is there.
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