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Thread: Severe pain - is it thrush? Vasospasm? Both?

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    Default Severe pain - is it thrush? Vasospasm? Both?

    Hi, All
    FTM mom here of an 8 month old. We had a really rough start with breast feeding, due to latch issues relating to her small mouth. By the time she hit two months, we were golden, and breast feeding became enjoyable and comfortable.

    For the past month, though, I've been having incredible pain in my nipples. The pediatrician said that it was thrush, even though my daughter didn't have any symptoms. My doc disagreed. The LC I saw said that it was likely vasospasm.

    Her latch is great. She doesn't yet have teeth.

    The pain has become much worse and is nearly constant. Here's what this morning has been like:

    6:30 -Wake up, no pain. Pain as soon as the baby latched. When baby was done nursing, my nipples were white (blanched white and with something tiny that looks a bit like a scab) and it continued to hurt until about 9. Stayed white until about 8:30.

    9: Nursed before the baby's nap. Both nipples turned white and stayed that way until 10. Pain lasted until 11.

    No pain for the past hour.
    I've been putting dry heat on my breasts as soon as I'm done nursing. I'm taking tylennol. I've been using the all purpose nipple cream more often this past week to see if that will help.

    I'm pretty good about eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of fluids.

    Does this sound like vasospasm, and if so, what else can I do to get some relief? Or am I going to have to tough it out for the next four months? (I had planned on baby-led weaning, but it's hurting so much that I'd be happy to just make it to a year at this point) Any chance that it's a yeast infection AND vasospasm?

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    Default Re: Severe pain - is it thrush? Vasospasm? Both?

    It may be both. Vasospasm and thrush can (and often do) occur simultaneously, and according to some experts, thrush is a cause of vasospasm. You do not have to tough it out, there are various remedies for both (including a medication that helps some moms with vasospasm.) You may need to get tough with you hcp about getting proper treatment for either. But there are otc things to try as well. Didn't your LC discuss treatment options with you?

    Jack newman has a thorough thrush (candida) protocol. http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=doc-CP You need not follow it exactly imo, but it gives many ideas and options to try. he also has info on vasospasm: http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...ename=doc-V-RP

    Any chance you are pregnant? That can certainly cause nipple pain when nursing AND from cold, like vasospasm.

    Also many moms experience pain when nursing an older child at least in part because the positions they typically use no longer 'fit' the growing child, throwing latch off slighlty, or baby is simply getting more acrobatic. If breastfeeding hurts, the first & last place to look is always positioning and latch. It is at least part of the problem so much of the time.
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