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Thread: 16.5 months, not eating for others

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    Default 16.5 months, not eating for others

    A couple months back, I lost track of when, my daughter started refusing my pumped milk during the day from either husband or nanny whether in sippy, bottle, straw cup, you name it, but I nurse so much morning, evening, overnight and weekends that it wasn't a concern.

    She was eating a variety of whole foods from meat to smoothies with fruit, veggies and good fats. A couple weeks ago she wasn't much for eating more than a bite or two of this or that. Then she got sick, which perhaps explains the appetite change. Or maybe it's just that she's a toddler. On her second sick day, a tuesday, I stayed home and EBFd her (no interest in other food). Then I was on vacation for Thanksgiving week so I EBFd her Wed/Th/Fr. On Sat I was still nursing her a ton, but she started to take some food. Through the weekend I mostly nursed her, but she was definitely taking more food.

    Today I'm back at work. She took some food from my husband this morning, not a lot, and hardly anything from our Nanny. She tried milk - nope. Of course I'm worried she's not getting enough nutrients during the day. She is a very active girl and as expected hitting a lot of developmental milestones right now. I'm told she's also really cranky at home today, lots of crying, which could be the result of the week of illness and our travel wiping her out. She also just got SIX straight days with mommy. I will nurse her as soon as I get home from work this eve and on demand until I depart for work tomorrow.

    I'm happy to nurse her as much as she needs it. I'm not sure what more I can do. Other than being extra cranky and weepy she looks healthy. But I don't like to think of her taking almost nothing all day.
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    Default Re: 16.5 months, not eating for others

    In my experience, toddlers just do this sometimes, especially when they are sick or just getting over being sick. My son is 2 and has days where he eats nearly as much as I do, and other days that he only eats a couple of bites all day long. He does still nurse about 5x per day but I'm not sure how much milk there is anymore--some, but certainly not enough to make up the majority of his intake. Toddlers have very variable appetites and there are some who just eat like birds. I wouldn't worry about it on a day to day basis. If you look at her eating over a 1-2 week period, chances are she makes up for the days she doesn't eat much by eating a lot on other days. You can offer some healthy favorites to try to coax her to eat but as long as she's generally healthy and gaining weight I really wouldn't stress over what she eats day to day.

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    Default Re: 16.5 months, not eating for others

    She's likely just having a though time settling back into routine. Or she is jumping into the toddler ability to exist on nothing. Perhaps she's developed an ear infection from her illness, though? How did she act last night with you there?

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