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    Hi all,

    Does breast milk always have the same compostion regardless of the mothers diet?

    Does a mom that eats very nutritious food make more nutrious milk for her baby? Or does breast milk always have the same level of nutritients even if the mom eats junkfood?

    I've heard that if the mother eats poorly it is her that will take the hit, not the baby, that the body will make nutritious milk even if mom doesn't eat anything nutritious.

    Just curious!


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    If a person does not eat anything nutritious, they die. Even junk food or fast food contains nutrition. If a person lives for a long time on a very unhealthy diet-high in things that are considered unhealthy and low in things that are considered healthy- then eventually their body will probably 'take a hit' whether they are breastfeeding or not.

    If you are asking if a mother has a less than ideal diet, will it adversely affect the nutritional content of her breastmilk or her infants health then the answer is no. At least as far as I am aware, there are no studies that show anything like that. And it is important to remember that breastfeeding is about more than the milk and the benefits come for many reasons.

    Experts on normal infant nutrition consider a mothers own milk, given to baby via nursing at the breast, to be the most normal and thus, healthiest, food for a baby. Second would be the mother's expressed milk. Third would be donated breastmilk from another mother, and a distant 4th would be artificial breastmilk aka formula. They do NOT say "as long as the mother has a healthy diet." Of course it would be best if everyone eats as healthily as they can, and a parent will want to do that for many reasons, as an example to their child if for no other reason, even if they are not nursing. But a poor diet is NOT a reason to not breastfeed. If a breastfeeding mother is severely malnourished due to starvation or an illness such as an eating disorder, what may happen is she won’t make enough milk for her baby. But her milk will still be the healthiest food for her baby. If a mother is malnourished and lacking some particular vitamin or mineral, baby can be supplemented with that vitamin or mineral. This is how artificial breastmilk delivers many of the nutrients that are in it-vitamins from another source (not available in the cow milk or soy or whatever the abm is primarily made from) are put into it.
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