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Thread: 4 month old- help

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    First I just want to acknowledge everyone's posts on here, I enjoy reading all and thank everyone for sharing because all this information is helpful to people like me reading who are confused on what thier baby is doing.
    My just turned 4 month old baby is confusing me with her nursing. She has starting to cry whenever I try to feed her. I have nursed my first daughter (with our own problems) till she was 6 months (which I then thought she weaned herself, which was probably not the case, but we had our problems) and now I'm scared that the same problems are happening again with my second daughter.
    I'm scared that she's not getting enough. She's a large baby, born 9.5 LBS and has gained weight well, now she is at 17.5 LBS and has what I think of good output in diapers, although she doesn't poop everyday and her poops remind me of pea soup (sometimes kinda brown, not really yellow) she cries and fusses when I try to nurse her, this has been going on for probably close to 2 weeks now. She used to nurse every 2 hours, sometimes a little more (even throughout the night), but the last week or so she doesn't seem to want to nurse, but I always offer every couple of hours because I don't want her to get over hungry and then it's always a battle, and I'm just use to nursing every couple of hours so I'm always looking at her for cues that she's hungry, but she's seem to have lost all of the noticable cues. I do She cries a lot at nursing and then is fussy during the day. What if's she's hungry? I do believe she's teething, and has been for over a month now. (her hands are always in her mouth and she cries like she in pain) can it be possible for a baby to not nurse because of teething pain?
    I really do not want to offer her a bottle (I had tried that with baby #1 and it was a nightmare when she prefered bottle over breast, but with help from a LC, I got her back on breast only) also, I found that I do not pump a lot of milk, I am pumping now about once a day just to have some and make sure my supply stays up as my doctor has already suggested that I start to supplement as baby is hungry. And pumping with last baby, I pumped myself out (to the point where I could no longer pump any milk out, and I tried everything) SORRY FOR RAMBLING ON AND ON.
    I have tried different positions for nursing, but she always seems to cry. I really don't want to starve my baby. Has this happened to anyone else?
    Thanks in advance for any advice, sorry again for long post.

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    There are a couple of things that spring to mind here:
    -how's your milk supply and let down reflex? My little guy fussed a whole lot because he was simply getting too much in his mouth at once. Once I put him in a more upright position to feed (and it also helped when he grew a little bigger) it seemed to be okay. Have you tried having her sit up a little bit?
    -maybe something in your diet that doesn't sit well with her? I've also tried eliminating all dairy products (his poop varied from green to brown, like you describe it) and it showed improvement. After two months or so I tried including dairy again and it went over okay.
    -have you tried nursing her when she's almost asleep? 4 month olds get notoriously bad at any kinda of behaviour that requires them to be still (let's say sleeping haha) because they start to notice the world more. Could be that she's just too busy to nurse...

    Either way, there are some more experienced mamas here who I am sure will have some more ideas about what's troubling your little one. In the mean time just keep reminding yourself that you are doing a great job because you really are
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    Default Re: 4 month old- help

    Welcome to the forum!

    4 month old babies are notoriously fussy. In fact, there are widely used terms for some of the behaviors that are classic of 4 month olds, including "the 4 month fussies" and "the 4 month sleep regression". Babies this age are beginning to teethe and they are mastering all sorts of new, exciting, and frustrating developmental milestones, both things which can make them hard to nurse.

    The best thing a mom can do when her baby is acting like this is to continue to offer the breast in a low-key way. If you offer and baby fusses for a bit but then takes it, that's okay. If the baby really throws a fit and refuses to nurse, just wrap that breast up and offer it again later. Don't get into pumping and bottles unless the baby absolutely will not nurse, and is in danger of dehydrating because she is refusing to eat. Try offering in a dark room, in case your baby is getting distracted from nursing by the interesting world around her. Try nursing in the bath and in bed- relaxed, sleepy babies often nurse better.

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    Thanks Katniss and mommal, I have definetly tried more or less what you have mentioned Katniss.....we're always trying something, especially when she's fussy, the thing with her is that I find this behaviour is new. I do find that she nurses better when she's sleepy, but I don't want her to go hungry when she's awake too. I hope we make it through this teething stage.
    4 month fussies is not somthing I'm looking forward to, but we will persevere! I hope! Thanks mommal for the reassurance that what she's doing is 'normal'.

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