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Thread: Breastfeeding mother with stomach flu

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    Default Breastfeeding mother with stomach flu

    I woke up in the middle of the night with a severe case of stomach flu. It's 10 hours now and I haven't been able to keep anything, including liquids, down. DS is 7 weeks old today. What does this mean for my milk supply?? I keep drinking fluids to try and keep hydrated but they come straight back up. What are the risks of DS catching this from me and is there anything I can do to reduce them? Currently I am washing well after each episode and using alcohol hand gel before touching him.

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    As long as you continue to nurse and manage to stay hydrated, your milk supply may dip but will not disappear. And once you're well, nursing on demand will rapidly boost your supply back up to where it needs to be.

    Nursing is the best way to keep your baby healthy, since your milk contains antibodies against whatever pathogen is making you sick, and those antibodies will help the baby avoid the illness or fight it off if he does catch it from you or someone else in your household.

    Rigorous hygiene is the best way to keep your baby from getting sick. Everyone in the house should be washing hands frequently.

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