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Thread: spits up and cries at night

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    Default spits up and cries at night


    everything has been fine so far, we have even doing much better with the side-preference (i posted earlier about my DS preferring to nurse from right breast).

    but for about a week now we've been struggling with spit-ups and crying during nighttime. DS is now 7 weeks old and otherwise a healthy baby. but now the spitting up is really seeming to bother him. so far it was just some milk that came out while burping, mostly during daytime, he slept so well at night, waking only to nurse.

    now it's curdled (which i know is also ok) and mixed with mucus. but what's bothering me, is that he's waking now during the night, obviously not feeling well, grunting. then he starts crying, then i have to rock him until he burps and spits up this mucusy-curdly milk. and that happens several times.

    so what is it? reflux? dairy intolerance? i suspect the latter, because he also has some kind of rash in his face, ears and shoulders. at first i assumed it was baby acne, but now with the spitup symptoms i am wondering if it is something else.

    sure, babies are fussy at night but so far everything was so well. so maybe it is not just fussiness but something medical? i haven't consulted our gp yet, and i don't believe it will be much help also, other than suggestions to FF instead. they're so oldschool and i can't switch also, as we live in a small town with no options :S so i rather ask here.


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    Default Re: spits up and cries at night

    Have you ruled out a cold or some other illness? Also, it is entirely normal for a baby to sleep longer stretches early on and then shorter. The newborn period is very variable.

    Dairy allergy is a small possibility, I suppose, and you can test that theory by eliminating all dairy from your diet for a week or two. People say it takes two weeks for all dairy proteins to leave the body, and that may be true. But I think if you eliminate dairy for a week and see no improvement, you can pretty safely rule out dairy intolerance and go back to eating dairy.

    If baby improves with the elimination, after a few weeks, test it by drinking a glass of milk to see if symptoms return. If they don't, it probably was not the dairy. If they do, it probably was.

    Some moms find they can eliminate dairy sensitivity symptoms in baby while while still eating some forms of dairy, like hard cheese or yogurt.

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    Default Re: spits up and cries at night

    thanks for your comments!
    i truly had not thought about cold so far (shame on me, third kid...but after almost 9 years it is like doing it for the first time again...).
    now, can it be cold with only symptoms like fussiness, more crying at night, more spitup and a bit more watery poop (still yellow and seedy, but just absorbes a bit more to the diaper)?

    also, i noticed that the tbc-vaccine injection spot has swollen and turned red. i know this is normal, but i do remember, that the other kids had it like pea-size. now it is at least 3 peas or something. is that normal or can this reaction also be a reason for the other symptoms?

    and what to do? just keep on bf-ing and rocking and carrying him in a sling? can we still go outside if he has no fever? he naps better outside during the day.

    thanks again

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    Default Re: spits up and cries at night

    For the question about the vaccine reaction, I would call the doctor. Make sure that swelling is normal. Fussiness, crying, and changes in poop frequency/consistency are also something I would ask about- I think they're consistent with this being a vaccine reaction, but the pediatrician can give you an authoritative answer.

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