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Thread: Doctor wants me to supplement with formula

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    Default Doctor wants me to supplement with formula

    My little boy will be 5 weeks on Thursday and he's still not gained back his birth weight. He's still 4 oz under. He's always peed and pooped plenty, so I've tried to just be patient and not worry. Well, we saw the doctor yesterday and he gave us formula and told me to feed him 2 oz after every feeding, but the thing is these past few days he's been eating a LOT and I think now my milk supply is right where it needs to be. I finally feel like he's getting what he needs and I'm so worried about messing it up with the formula. We have an appointment tomorrow to check his weight again and I see a lactation counselor on the 2nd of December. Should I just supplement like the doctor wants until I get to see the lactation counselor? Would pumping while he takes a bottle help keep my supply up? And how long/how much should I pump?

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    When we were advised to supplement at 10 days when my guy was not gaining ( and in fact, losing), I started watching his sucking more closely and realized that he was not very active at the breast. I immediately started pumping to save/boost my milk and saw an LC. I don't think it's a bad idea, and in our case (tongue and lip tie) it has saved my milk supply while we try to iron out nursing. Any ideas of why he isn't gaining? Oh- and I did have to use some formula in the beginning but pump more than enough at this point. Don't let the stress you out, but make sure that you put in the time at the pump when you do supplement.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Can you give us a complete weight history on the baby (birth weight, lowest weight, weight at each checkup), and also let us know the answers to the following questions:
    - Has baby always been weighed in the nude, using the same scale?
    - Did you have IV fluids during your child's birth?
    - How many times per day does baby nurse (on average)?
    - How does nursing feel- is it comfortable, or are you in any pain?
    - How long does baby sleep at a stretch?
    - Is the baby getting a pacifier, and is he being swaddled?
    - Can you describe your baby's poop output? (Don't be afraid to be graphic!)

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    You can try to supplement with your pumped milk after he has breastfed with a syringe or an eye dropper at least until you meet with the LC.This way you can keep your supply high, and avoid that he gets confused by getting used to the bottle and ends up refusing your breast.Not gaining most probably means he doesn't latch on properly.
    Check with the latch on basics in this site here http://kellymom.com/ages/newborn/bf-...tch-resources/ and here http://www.breastbabyproducts.com/checklist.html

    I'll be back later because I have to put my toddler to sleep!

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