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Thread: BF toddler with cough, chest congestion

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    Default BF toddler with cough, chest congestion

    Besides nursing, draining the nose (we have one of these, it's brilliant http://www.fridababy.com/shop/nosefrida/ ) does anyone else do anything for a toddler cold? No fever. Cough and some chest congestion. Fairly happy, trying to keep upright ish for nursing / naps / sleep. Only looking for natural options. Thx
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    Default Re: BF toddler with cough, chest congestion

    Teaspoon of honey, particularly before sleep times, does a lot to calm coughs. Just watch baby's hands. I told another mom the same trick and baby ended up with honey all over in her hair I think Dr Sears recommends a hot shower while chest thumping to help congestion.

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    During naps and night time have half an onion close to the bed. No need to peel, just slice it in half and lay it on a plate. It is a bit smelly, especially in the morning but it works really well as a natural decongestant. You can use the same onion for a few days if you bag it up between use. I use a saline spray rather than a sucker which is good for flushing out the snot and also a few drops of baby oblas oil on the bed. My girl has been snotty and coughing for such a long time. Sigh. The down side of great play groups!


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