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Thread: Retraining shallow latch after tongue tie

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    Default Retraining shallow latch after tongue tie

    Anybody have a good program for retraining latch in an older (~3-month-old) baby, post-frenotomy (tongue-tie operation)?

    My daughter has had a shallow latch from the beginning-- was diagnosed with posterior tongue tie at 5 weeks and snipped, but it healed closed (latch improved slightly, but not a ton) and had to be resnipped just now, at 12 weeks.

    During the tongue-tie phase, she developed the habit of retracting her tongue and "smacking" the end of my nipple with every suck as the suction broke -- that classic "clicking" noise you hear. The immediate soreness has calmed down a bit, but I developed horrible vasospasm that hasn't gone away even with nifedipine (dunno how that's even possible).

    Since the second snip, I've tried positioning the breast for a deeper latch and massaging her tongue forward with my finger pre-feeding-- but no luck; even if she latches on deeply at first, she still immediately pulls her head back until she finds the "sweet spot" where she can smack the nipple. Tonight, I made up my mind to insist on a deeper latch by holding her head tighter against the breast (with nostrils still free to breathe, of course) , and it was a horror show-- she was furious, tried over and over again to back out to the shallow latch, and then screamed and screamed and refused to nurse unless I let her do it her way.

    I'm not sure what to do at this point. It's obvious that she's pretty set in her ways, but I can't face another 9+ months of the smacking latch. I breastfed my first daughter to 18 months with zero difficulties, so I've been around the block, breastfeeding-wise, but this one has me stumped. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Retraining shallow latch after tongue tie

    bump - this one got missed
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