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Thread: Toddler hand on a recon mission

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*alphawoman View Post
    I've bolded a section of my previous post, which I think will clarify your confusion. Another idea might be a pair of light cotton mittens.

    She's at an age where you can be pretty consistent with enforcing nursing manners in the daytime and expect some improvement. This will eventually spill over into night time. In your shoes, I'd end every daytime session gently when she scratches. You can resume again as soon as she understands that scratching isn't acceptable. It'll take some consistency, but firmly holding her hand away will work too.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that her 1 year molars are coming through. I had a similar experience with DS25mo at that age where we'd be awake 8 times each night. I'm grateful to say it passed quickly, so chin up!
    She still only has 6 teeth! 4 top, 2 bottom. I don't know if as a baby I was slow to get my teeth but I know as a child I was much later than most of my friends to lose teeth and get my adult teeth.
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    I feed off the top boob while side-lying now (2 yr old). Not sure if others do this, but the bottom boob ends up under me so she can't touch it. sometimes she tickles my armpit though. I have small breasts and actually do this not to avoid the recon mission so much as to be more comfortable in my legs and back. I don't need to have a pillow behind my back this way.

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