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Thread: Milk supply dropped!

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    I have a 35 weeker that is 5 weeks old, so just a few days past his due date now. I had been exclusively pumping until this week when baby learned how to latch with a shield (stupid thing. that was a dumb choice). 3 days later my supply has completely dropped. I am only getting 1ish oz per side every 3 hours and he eats more than that. I have some milk frozen but it has milk and soy in it and we have now eliminated that from my diet. What can I do, like now, to help my supply?

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    The first thing I want to say is that you shouldn't feel bad about using the shield. Shields have their drawbacks, but using one is worth it if it gets the baby to the breast.

    The major problem with the shield is that it can cause reduced milk transfer to baby and reduced stimulation to mom. Those two things can cause issues with supply. So now is a great time to start working on getting rid of the shield. That means patiently offering the bare breast at the beginning and end of feedings, and seeing a lactation consultant if possible. While you are working on getting rid of the shield, you want to take the usual measures for increasing supply when the baby isn't doing the job on his/her own. They are:
    1. Nursing more frequently. You're currently nursing every 3 hours, and that is a very long interval between feedings for such a young baby. I would aim for a 1-2 hour interval in between nursing sessions.
    2. Pumping more frequently. You've been pumping every 3 hours, and that's not getting you where you want to be. So try shortening the interval to every 2 hours.
    3. Use a better pump. If you're using anything less than a good double electric (e.g. Medela Pump in Style, Hygeia Enjoye, hospital-grade rental) now is the time to bump up to a better machine.

    At this point, it sounds like you are supplementing with a bottle. Correct? And of so, how much milk is in the bottle?

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