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Thread: How to combine breastmilk??

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    Default How to combine breastmilk??

    Is it ok to combine expressed milk from different days that is frozen?? For example, if I have a bag of 2oz from one day and a bag of 1oz from a few days later can I just thaw them (either in fridge or under warm water and dump them together in same bottle to get 3oz???

    And if I thaw both bags and do combine them together and he only takes 2 of the 3oz, can I put the remaining 1oz left in the bottle in the refrigerator and use that to top off either freshly expressed or frozen milk??

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    Default Re: How to combine breastmilk??

    Yes. Guidelines do suggest using all thawed milk within 24 hours though, so if I have fresh and thawed frozen in the fridge, I always use the previously frozen milk up first!
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    I would thaw them separately and give them to baby in separate bottles just in case s/he doesn't finish them. Then you have an unused bottle thawed to either give when baby finishes the first bottle and still seems hungry OR to save for later.
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    and thawed frozen milk is less likely to reheat without spoiling than fresh milk, so err on the side of heating a smaller amount and then heating another small amount, rather than a larger amount baby might not finish.
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    Default Re: How to combine breastmilk??

    the only caution i will give is about combining fresh milk with previously frozen. the freshly pumped milk has a longer shelf life in your fridge (like up to 5 days). previously frozen milk, once thawed, should be used within 24 hrs. so if you combine the two, then have some leftover, you have to adopt the lower threshold (24 hrs) on the leftover milk. i just haaaate seeing pumped milk go to waste, personally, so i would just keep that in mind.

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