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Thread: Baby suddenly not gaining

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    My baby was born very premature at 27 weeks at 2.7 lbs. Despite this, she has gained well and nurses like a rock star. She is now almost 9 months old, (6 months adjusted) and almost 17 lbs and has really slowed her weight gain.
    She started daycare part time one month ago and full time this last week. She has not really gained at all since then, maybe 2 ounces. She does not like bottles very much but is doing better and 2 weeks ago we figured out she doesn't like the activity of the lipase in my milk, so we've been trying to offer fresher or scalded milk. Despite adjusting to the bottle and figure out the lipase, she is still only taking 3-4 oz MAX in more than 8 hours. She usually has several dirty diapers and more wet ones everyday and I am trying to encourage reverse cycling since she won't take much during the day.
    There are a number of possible factors contributing, she cut three teeth in one day a week ago, had a little cold and was having a hard time without mama at daycare. Any suggestions on helping her start gaining again? Is this normal adjustment? How long do I wait? Thanks!
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    I can't grab the link right now, but I think the Kellymom site has a page that talks about average weight gain for breastfeed babies....it's fast at first, then drops significantly at four months and again at six months, because they get so active. I think average gain at this age is 2 oz per week, but I've heard of healthy babies not gaining anything for a little while. Is yours still growing in other ways -- like length and head circumference? Listen to your mama gut, though, if you think there might be a problem.
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    Here's the link the PP was talking about (I think): http://kellymom.com/health/growth/growthcharts/

    Definitely normal for the rate of growth to decline as time goes on and the baby starts putting more calories into action (reached, rolling, kicking, crawling, etc.) instead of packing them on as fat.

    Since diaper output is on track and the baby is a nice weight for a 6 month old (which is what she is, no matter how long she's spent on the outside), I would feel comfortable waiting quite a bit longer before starting to freak out. Her intake at daycare is low, for sure. But since you're encouraging reverse cycling, it's very possible that you're making up for it at night.

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    Also many babies lose weight with colds, so you might be seeing that. Good for you for encouraging reverse cycling!
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