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Thread: Is it normal for one breast to produce more??

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    Default Is it normal for one breast to produce more??

    I'm wondering if it is normal for one breast to produce more milk than the other and if there's any way (or need) to try to "even them out" so that the one lacking will produce more? For example, I can pump 3-4oz on the left and only about 1oz on the right! Is this normal???

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    Default Re: Is it normal for one breast to produce more??

    Yes, it's normal for one side to produce more than the other. Sometimes baby will prefer one side or the other - some babies like the more abundant supply in one breast; other times babies will prefer the less dominant side if there are fast flow issues in the dominant one. Are you noticing any issues in your LO? If you are, you can try to even things out by preferentially starting with the less dominant side. But otherwise (besides having lopsided breasts) it isn't necessarily a problem that needs fixing.

    If the main difference is with pumping, one thing to consider is whether you need different sized flanges on the left breast vs the right. For example, if the right flange in your case is not well-fitted, you may not be able to get optimal pump output.

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    Default Re: Is it normal for one breast to produce more??

    ^Agree with bfwmomof3's advice above.

    I have always had an imbalance. I had a slight oversupply in the beginning, and baby preferred the less dominant side (I think because the higher supply one also had faster flow and he had trouble managing that in the early months). As a result of this for, my supply in the overproducing side dropped waaaaay down. My less dominate side actually became my dominant side! Babies are remarkable at regulating us.

    It's really just a cosmetic issue, but I will say that it did become annoying for me, because as baby's preference made the situation more and more uneven, I developed like a 2 cup size difference between my breasts. Which made all my bras ill-fitting, and I had to wear looser tops to mask the imbalance. When he was about 9-10 mos old, I decided to combat this by (1) starting more daytime feedings on the less dominant side, which became "appetizer boob" -- he would only stay there for a minute, but at least that was something (whereas if I started with the "entree boob" he wanted nothing to do with the appetizer later!), and (2) offering the less dominant side more frequently at night, since baby was pretty accepting of that when sleepy/sleeping. This did even things out a tiny bit -- now there is a 1 cup size difference, which will probably stay until he weans, but this is more manageable for me, cosmetically.

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