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Thread: Oversupply & engorgement

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    Thank you so much for your reply and advice...I know it's not thrush because I've had it with my first one, and it was a real nightmare.Anyway, what bothers me more is not the nipple soreness, because I can endure that and it's becoming more and more bearable.I just can't find a reason for the breast pain.It is there all day long and it is like the pain we get when we are bruised..And I feel it when I touch the gland, or when I hug my baby and touches the breast.The baby doesn't have any symptoms, apart from some fussiness, and gas or difficulty to cope with the flow because I experience 3-4 let downs one close after the other every time he nurses.No white spots, no rash....Could it be that over fulness of the past few weeks has damaged the tissue and it hasn't recovered yet?I can think of nothing else...

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    My experience with oversupply would suggest that once the oversupply is mostly dealt with, the soreness should be gone. I didn't have any sort of lingering pain. But I have read that moms with oversupply sometimes experience tenderness between feedings- I've seen it hypothesized that the feeling of the ducts refilling with milk is the source of that pain. But in general, my instinct is to blame pain in between feedings on thrush. What would you say to treating this as thrush, and seeing if there's improvement? If you didn't want to take an antifungal, maybe just see if reducing simple sugars and carbohydrates in your diet, and employing rigorous hygiene (e.g. Changing shirts, bras, and towels daily, washing everything on hot, sun drying if possible, etc.) would help?

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    Hi mamaka.
    Could it be that over fulness of the past few weeks has damaged the tissue and it hasn't recovered yet? I can think of nothing else
    ... Yes I do think this may be at least part of waht is going on. And in such a case, I would suggest be very careful about block nursing. is there any way you can you see an IBCLC? I have a couple worries-one, that your overproduction is so bad you have to block nurse at & before baby age 2 weeks. This is VERY early to be block nursing. I am not saying it may not be needed, without knowing more about your situation I cannot say that. But in such a case I would really prefer you were under a care of an IBCLC.

    2, the deep breast pain AND the nipple pain you are feeling. Maybe you have deep plugs going on. When mom is engorged, it can make it difficult to impossible to even feel the plugs. I am concerned the long blocks of not nursing at a time when milk production typically is building is possibly causing some issues there. I also think your baby must have a poor latch. It cna look fine, but if nursing hurts, even if you cna bear it, that is a problem you do not want to ignore, becaue not only is the nipple pain no fun, a shallow latch will contribute to deep breast pain and the symptoms of overproduction because baby cannot 'milk' your breast adequately. This can be true even if baby is gaining very well.

    Also Did you work really hard to get the plugs out? Lots of massage or vibration? that could cause breast tissue bruising as well.

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    mommal I could try to treat it as if it were thrush , though the pain is so much different from the one thrush gave me when I had it in the past.

    lllmeg...seeing an ibclc is almost impossible right now because I'd have to travel quite a few hours to find one and I can't afford to do this right now..I feel block nursing helped me because , my breast would get full only within an hour after each feeding, it felt rock hard , hot and unbearably full and achy, and lumpy too....It feels softer right now, but I can still feel 3 or 4 let downs during each breastfeeding.A bad latch could be the case....but I can feel the breast totally soft after each feeding, the baby seems to "empty" it really well and he has gained 1.2 kg in 20 days(from the lowest he got when we left maternity).....Blocks helped me avoid the plugs, at least the obvious ones.I used pumping and massage which gave me some bruising-do you think the damage might be still there?My baby is 3 weeks now....From what you say, I feel it could be a bad latch on.But I can do nothing more to improve that-I've tried everything! Changing positions, wait until he opens really well, keeping his chin close, helping him mouth more areola under the nipple, checked that I can see his tongue between breast and his lower lip...Or it could be for damage from the block nursing.But it was far worse and unbearable with oversupply and engorgement, so what can I do?
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