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Thread: Thrush, Thrush, and more Thrush

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    I need help...
    My son will be 5 months next week, and we are on our 4th round of Diflucan for thrush. My poor nipples are so destroyed by this, they are cracked and bleeding. Each time we get it, we do the treatment and it goes away for about 3 weeks to a month.
    He isn't EBF, we supplement because I'm a working mom, so he does get the bottle while im at work. The diflucan works wonders.. Until its worn off. I wash my bras and towels in hot water, I sterilize his bottles, pacifiers, toys every day.. I change my nursing pads after every feeding.. I cut back sugar and starches..I take a probiotic. I can't do this again.. One, because its making me insane, and two because my doctor says she's done prescribing me diflucan, due to the risk of liver problems. She and my son's pediatrician makes me feel inadequate every time I call in and tell them it's back.. Ask me if I'm washing my nipples off after feeding. Really? It's because you think I'm DIRTY???
    What can I do? Does the gentain violet really work? I promised myself I would nurse for a year and I especially want to get through cold and flu season..

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    It sounds like you've been through a lot mama What dose of diflucan are you taking, and for how long? Have you read Dr. Newman's page on thrush? http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=doc-CP I found the diluted grapefruit seed extract to be helpful, and I used it on a q-tip in my LO's mouth several times a day. Is your son being treated? You might even try emailing Dr. Newman and describing your situation - he might be able to help suggest something else (maybe culturing your milk/nipple?). I don't recall ever reading that washing your nipples off after feeding would really make a difference...

    I hope you find a solution. Thrush bites the big one and is super painful. I remember after mine finally cleared up, I reinfected myself with my pump parts, and oh! the pain! I remember wondering how I managed to put up with it for so long. The only other thing I can suggest is to use the microwave steam bags to sterilize your stuff. That's what I had to do with my pump parts- sterilizing them in the dishwasher wasn't enough.

    Please let us know how things turn out.

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    Thank you.. I hadn't read that yet, but it made some good points. I'm considering emailing him.
    I'm on the single dose diflucan, but 3 times..once every other day for 6 days, and he's being treated with a 6 day course of diflucan as well.
    I haven't tried GSE, but I'm considering it. I don't have the microwave bags, I've been doing it daily old school on the stovetop for 15 min.
    I'm on my 3rd day of my treatment and they're cracked and bleeding. I'm at the end of my rope! On top of all of this, my DS is sick with a cold for the 2nd time in a month. Here I am with bleeding nipples in what is seeming like a futile attempt to do what's best for my baby's health and immune system!

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