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    My lo is 5wks old. For the last week or probably more she has been "cluster feeding" at night. This usually happens through a 4-5hr period starting about 8pm. I am bfing and then pumping (to build up stock for when i go back to work). She will spend about 45min on and off the breast, usually fussing... Then for the next couple of hours cry and demand more(at this time she can pound 4-6oz of the stock i built up throughout the day). She can sometimes spit up and need more burping at this time. Is it normal for babies to be very fussy and cluster feed at night?

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    Textbook normal, especially at this age.

    Is there any reason you're using your stored milk rather than just nursing?

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    Yup, normal. Best thing is to settle in and just keep switching her back and forth between breasts as long as she wants.
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    In my experience when they fuss and root like that RIGHT after they've nursed, it's just that being at the breast is so satisfying and calming and feels safe. I think it's really hard to be so new to the world -- think of what a jarring transition it must -- and five weeks is still soooo little. Being at your breast and in your arms is probably the most comforting thing. And evenings can really be "the witching hour" in the early months.

    They really can suck down milk fast and furious from a bottle but that's just due to the mechanics of bottle feeding. When they suck from a bottle, it creates a vacuum, milk rushes into that vacuum, they suck more, etc. Then it can be drink or drown, especially if the bottle is one that flows a little faster. And they ALL flow faster than the breast. At the breast if they pause in their suckling, the milk stops; not so from the bottle. Also keep in mind that their stomachs are the size of their fists, so 4-6 ounces is probably twice as much as a 5 week old baby really needs to eat in one feeding -- which to me would indicate that she's sucking for comfort, not for hunger.

    Have you tried Auderey's suggestion, just letting your LO camp out on the breast? I remember just settling in on the sofa with a nursing baby, snacks, and the TV remote, for HOURS.

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