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Thread: Question about occasional pumping when separated?

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    Default Question about occasional pumping when separated?

    When running quick errands.. For example, I have doc apt today at 445.. I will need to leave by 420.. I will feed lo before I leave .. He is usually on a 2 , maybe 3 hour eating schedule. What do I so if he eats at say 6 and I'm still not home? Do I need to pump at this exact time or can I wait until I am home? What if I'm literally being examined at the time he is eating and cannot pump? Should I pump the second I get in my car? Thanks!!

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    If this is only occasional, and nursing is otherwise going well, and the baby is >6 weeks old, you don't have to be OCD about pumping. During a short separation (maybe 1-2 feedings), you can either skip the pumping session, as long as you feed the baby as soon as you get home, or pump during the separation, at a convenient time rather than exactly when the baby is getting a bottle.

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