That is a very good point! It's nice to think that all parents know that on most issues, they have the authority to make the decisions (of course the pediatrician is there for a reason for decisions that should be made by a professional). In cases like mine where I know my doctor's advice is just that - advice - and finding a new doctor is proving very difficult, it seems worth it to try to get along until we can move on, but for any mothers out there having problems with their pediatricians that are interfering with their ability to parent confidently, it would make more sense to leave immediately to avoid the worry.

Babies are hard work, as I'm finding out day by day, and especially as a young parent I know how disconcerting it can be to hear from the "expert" (the pediatrician) that I'm doing something wrong, even when in my gut I feel I'm making the right decision for me and my son. For any other moms out there facing these problems, especially if it's making them feel like bad parents, there are tons of doctors out there! Hopefully most moms here have real insurance, not the medical card, because the medical card is holding us back a bit in finding a good doctor.