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Thread: Hoping and praying I'm not..........

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    My daughter is just shy of 3 months old. Hubby and I had an oopsie at 5 weeks postpartum. I started the mini pill about a week later and had a really light flow for 3 days. Nothing since. I was laying on my back and sat my l/o on my lower abdomen and it felt odd, like there was a hardness inside. I'm scared to test. I'm ebf my daughter and just turned 43. Anyone had this happen to them and NOT be pregnant?

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    I think a lot of women have had something like this and not been pregnant. You have a lot of good reasons to think that you're not. First, you're EBF a 3 month old, and that should be damping down your fertility. Second, you're taking hormonal contraception. Third, you only had one light "period", which may not have been a period at all. Breakthrough bleeding is one of the most common side-effects of hormonal contraception. Fourth, you had ONE "oopsie" and a period (maybe) in between that oopsie and now. Fifth, you're 43. Your fertility is probably not as great as it was 10, 15, or 20 years ago- and if you don't want to be pregnant again, that's a plus!

    Take a test, put your mind at ease.

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