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Thread: 7 month old not eating or napping?

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    Default 7 month old not eating or napping?


    My 7 month old has just started not eating much, he will have a quick suck for like 1 minute then pull off and go stuff and start crying? It's hit and miss and I'm worried he's not getting enough milk and my supply will start to disappear. He's only been like this for a few days. Before that he was on the 24 hour milk Buffett all day and night!

    I could also normally nurse to sleep but as he's pulling off he will only get to sleep (after an hour of trying) bolt upright with a dummy in? He would rather suck that than nurse??? Could he be teething?? He doesn't have any yet?

    He is just spending a lot of time arching his back and crying until I leave his room then he's full of smiles again but I know he is knackerd too?

    Any ideas? X

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    Default Re: 7 month old not eating or napping?

    Sounds like teething or illness. Probably teething, since he isn't exhibiting any symptoms of being sick. But it may pay to take him in to the doc and have someone look in his ears and throat.

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