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Thread: Supply, sleeping issues at 11 months

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    Default Supply, sleeping issues at 11 months

    My little guy just turned 11 months. I'd like to keep nursing at least through the winter, but I'm a bit worried about supply. I struggled with milk transfer and supply issues early on and had to work hard to keep my supply up.

    For the past few months, I've only used some Mother's Milk Tea and my supply has seemed okay. However, my son has gradually nursed less and less on my weak side. He kicked me hard in that breast around 6.5 months, and ever since - after supply dwindled for a few days - I've really only been able to get him to nurse on that side in a modified football hold.

    I've always been fortunate to work at home most days, but I've mostly stopped going to the office at all since he stopped taking a bottle around 9.5-10 months. I used to pump every 1.5-2 hours at work, regardless of how often he was nursing.

    Over the last week he's generally stopped nursing after both naps, generally stopped nursing on the weak side before naps, and stopped nursing to sleep for naps (which I always allowed him to do given my supply issues). He seems to be frustrated and has become very hard to put down to sleep. I doubt he's hungry as he eats solids very well.

    He still generally nurses to sleep at night and nurses 3-4 times during the night, and often - but not always - I can still get him to nurse for a minute or so on the weak side.

    Finally, my questions: should I be pumping on my weak side after feeds to keep up supply? Or at this point, if he ever stops nursing on that side altogether, is it likely the other side will keep up until he or I are ready to wean? I pumped so much early on that I'm not thrilled about pumping. I can easily pump frequently if I go to the office, but then he won't drink the milk from a bottle! The nanny is going to try a sippy cup today, so we'll see how that goes.

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    Default Re: Supply, sleeping issues at 11 months

    I think that at this point, you can relax about supply. Encourage your LO to nurse as much as possible, on whichever breast he likes better if he's not willing to take both. Nurse him before you set the solids on the table- he may nurse more enthusiastically when he's hungry but doesn't have any options aside from the breast. As time goes on, you can relax more and more, as baby's solid food intake picks up and he can have sippies/bottles of animal milk, if you choose to give them to him.

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