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Thread: Output confusion and worry

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    Question Output confusion and worry

    Hi there,

    I am a FTM and a little confused as to whether or not my month-old baby's habits are normal. BF has been a challenge for us because she's a "lazy" sucker. She'll tend to use the boob as a pacifier or fall asleep at the breast. For awhile, she was not getting enough milk (this was probably complicated by using a nipple shield) and was dehydrated as evidenced by not enough stools or wet diapers. She also didn't gain her birth weight back by 2 weeks. After I stopped using the nipple shield about two weeks ago, growth has been OK as she is growing about .6 oz per day, and she has had a ton of wet and dirty diapers.

    But I'm worried that her dirty diapers are TOO watery and her wets are not sufficiently wet? Her stools are almost totally liquid with just some mucus and a few curds on top. A lot of liquid soaks into the diaper. They are ranging in color from the standard mustard yellow to greenish (they have gotten a LOT less green and mucus-y in the last three or four days, maybe because I've cut out dairy?). When we've seen her pooping (changing the diaper before she was "done") it froths or pours out of her rear in a liquid mess! People say it should be the consistency of mustard, but I think it's more liquidy than that. Not to be gross, but it's like poop soup.

    Her wet diapers...we change as soon as we notice the stripe in the disposable diaper goes from yellow to green or blue. People say to feel for a diaper that weighs as much as one with 3 Tbsp of water added--they never weigh that much! The color ranges from clear to yellow (how yellow is too yellow?).

    Stool counts are from 6 to 10 per day, usually during feeds, and wet urine diapers range from 10 to 16 per day.

    Is all this normal or should I be concerned?? I don't know if she's getting enough milk or what constitutes diarrhea, etc...

    Also, her night times concern me. She feeds around midnight, then not again until maybe 6am, then again at 10am. After that it's off and on throughout the day. Is it normal for a 4-week old baby to sleep this much? :-/ She just started going 6 hours in between feeds over the last couple days.

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    There is a very wide range of normal when it comes to poop. Generally speaking, as long as a baby is growing/gaining normally, there is no reason to even worry about output. A baby who is getting enough milk to gain anything cannot be getting dehydrated. Adequate output is a nice indicator things are going well between weight checks, but for that all we really need to look at is number of poops, and your baby poops plenty.

    Disposable diapers are incredibly absorbant. So pee gets lost and normal, watery poops soak in as well. Truly, everything you describe sounds normal.

    One thing I will suggest is that your babies poops sound as if you may have some forceful letdown, and baby is getting lots of formilk.There is nothing wrong or unhealthy about this, but I want to mention it because you may find someome will tell you to block feed. Do NOT do that. That is for moms with severe overproduction whose babies are growing over 8 ounces per week. It would not be appropriate in your situation as you describe it.

    What may well help is to nurse more often. Are you saying your baby goes 6 hours here and there, or all day? That would only be 4 nursing sessions which is not nearly enough. At this age babies normally nurse at least 10 times per 24 hour day. Please know it never hurts and may help to offer to nurse more often. Many babies will happily nurse right in thier sleep if offered, or you can wake baby, as you wish. If you are doing anything to lengthen sleep, like pacifiers or swaddling, I would suggest cut back or eliminate those if baby is not nursing at least about 10 times a day.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    One six hour stretch at night, followed by a four hour stretch, then during the day it's every 2 hours or so, but sometimes during the day she'll just nurse constantly for like five or ten minute stretches at a time. Is that normal?? Gosh, I know nothing!

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    That sounds like a totally normal nursing pattern to me, but again, if my baby was gaining slightly slowly I would probably try to sneak another session in there somewhere if I could, just to be sure.

    I think it is pretty typical that no one knows anything about breastfeeding before they have a baby and become experts within weeks. But more importantly, you certainly are the expert on YOUR baby. I suggest, learn the facts, but trust your instincts. You know your baby best.

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    with LLLMeg.

    I just want to point out that the reason your child's diapers don't feel as wet as they might is that you're changing her really frequently. I think the point of those stripes on the diapers is to get you to be more alert to wets and therefore change baby more often... And also buy more diapers!

    Is baby still a very sleepy nurser?

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