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Thread: Milk went sour in fridge?!

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    Default Milk went sour in fridge?!

    I'm new to pumping and have only pumped before for one night out and LO ate that from a bottle.

    I did a weeks worth of pumping last week and when I smelt the bottle it smelt sour? LO wouldn't take it. I added milk from different days into the same bottle for storage, could that have caused it?

    I'm Trying to get my 7 month old to take a bottle as he goes to nursery in 2 months and he is refusing. He took one a few times when he was 4 months? :-(

    1. What's wrong with my milk and does anyone else's go sour?
    2. How do I get him used to bottles without wasting milk?

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    Default Re: Milk went sour in fridge?!

    AFAIK, milk is good in the fridge for a maximum of one week. So my guess is that the oldest milk in the bottle went sour, and took the newer milk with it. Instead of trying to make baby a big bottle, I would make him small servings of 1-2 oz at a time. That way you don't have to save up and risk the bottle souring.

    Tips for getting a baby to take a bottle:
    - try when he's hungry
    - try when he's not hungry
    - have someone other than you offer the bottles (babies generally will not take bottles from mom; they know she has the real thing)
    - try different bottles
    - try different nipples
    - try cold milk, warm milk, and room temperature milk (babies often have temperature preferences)

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