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Thread: I'd appreciate your advice

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    My baby's 7 months & I started working when she was 3 months. It was very hard to find a place to pump every day (because I work in several locations), but I could usually find a spare bathroom for a few minutes. Anyways, I went from pumping all of her bottles, to only one bottle a day, to one every other day, then it got to the point where I would pump and pump and pump and get almost nothing. I kept pumping, but the supply was gone. I used to nurse her on weekends and evenings, but then she would cry because she wasn't getting enough. Now I think I'm almost all dried up. She only asks to nurse for about 2 minutes before she falls asleep. I really planned to nurse for a year. Did this happen to anyone else??? I'm not real sure what to do...if I should continue giving her the chance to nurse often, or only when she asks for it. It's hard accepting that I could be done already.

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    Try nursing her more often on the weekends/evenings...offer it to her before she is really hungry and she might be more patient.

    Sorry you're pumping situation is hard at work - I am sometimes out of my office too, I found that the car-charger attachment for my pump is a great thing! At first I thought it would be tough to pump in the car - but its really not that bad.

    Do you pump in the evenings or early AM?

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    If you're not ready to be done providing milk for your baby, then you aren't done. If just comfort nursing works for both of you, then continue that. If you'd like to increase your milk supply, there are many things you can do.

    What kind of pump are you using? You should be using a good double pump, preferably one that you rent, as it will help to increase your supply more than a pump that you'd buy at a store.

    You'll want to pump as often as possible - up to every two hours, if you have time. Nurse or pump like this on the weekends, too.

    Some other things that mothers have found will increase their milk supply include eating oatmeal (not instant), taking fenugreek and/or blessed thistle tablets (3 tablets,3x/day), and staying hydrated.

    The most important thing to do is to tell your body that it needs to make more milk. The way to do this is to remove milk by nursing or pumping.

    More info on increasing your supply can be found here: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/index.html. This is not a LLL link, but has great information!
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