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Thread: 4 mo old...back to the breast help!

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    hi there! i am currently trying to get my 4 mo old baby girl back to the breast after four weeks of trying to breast feed when she was born I gave up bc of latching issues. lately i have had this overwhelming need to nurse. i have been pumping ever since she was born and feeding her breast milk from the bottle so my milk supply matches what she needs. my question is i know that she can latch, ive been trying for the last 4 days and have had several "small victories" but I can only get her on the breast when she is extremely sleepy...i have NO luck when she is hungry. She screams, arches her back, and pushes away. How can I help her to focus and relax!?she starts fussing as soon as I try to get her into the nursing position. I would appreciate any advice and words of encouragement!

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    I know Kellymom.com has some good articles on the subject but I can't link . If it were me I would try latching before she gets too hungry so she isn't too frustrated. I would also express some milk into their mouth directly from the breast.
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    This is the link that Mtaa referred to: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/. Definitely try the skin- to-skin and instant reward techniques mentioned in the link.

    If baby is willing to latch when sleepy, I would take her into bed with you at night. Even if you're not into co-sleeping. Just think of this as a temporary thing. If baby will nurse at night, she'll be more likely to nurse during the day.

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    thanks for the kellymom link...i love her site...i was looking around there before and didnt see that particular page thank you so much!!

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