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Thread: medala sns users help

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    Does medala sns helps in bringing back to breast from bottle feeding. I do have enough milk supply. like to hear some success story. my baby girl is 11 weeks old.
    how long does it take ?

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    At-the-breast supplementers (e.g. Medela SNS, Lact-aid) can be useful for babies who will latch but who have difficulty transferring milk when they are latched, and also for babies who are fussy at the breast because they have grown to enjoy bottles. If your baby will not latch on at all, a SNS won't help her do so.

    If you do end up using a SNS, the ideal thing is to put your own milk in it. That way your supply stays equal to your baby's needs.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to say how long anything will take when it comes to breastfeeding. It's too individual, with every mom and baby being different.

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