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Thread: What can I expect?

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    Question What can I expect?

    I have posted on here a few times before and you wonderful ladies have been so helpful so I am turning to you again for your help and advice.

    My almost 8 month is not nursing very well and I think I feel some teeth coming in. As she is my first I do not know what to expect with nursing and teething. She is up every two hours and the only thing that will calm her is to nurse. She only nurses for about 5 minutes and is then back to sleep. Could this be caused by the teething? Last night she wouldn't even really latch until I hand expressed milk and put it on her tongue a couple of times. She would attempt to latch and then pull off really quick, screaming!

    I've recently started a new job and the hours are from 6-2:30 so I pump/nurse before I drop her off to daycare and then I only get a chance to pump once during my work day. My supply has noticeably decreased when I pump. Another factor to add is I just got my period, the first one I have had since I've had her. Could this affect my milk supply? My milk is the only milk she gets (no formula) and she gets small amounts of cereal/baby food twice a day.

    She has also had some temperament changes. She used to be a happy baby with the exception of the occasional tantrum and now she cries so much, like she is in pain. Again, is this the teething or growing pains? I have only been giving her teethers to chew on as I read conflicting stories on oragel. Is there anything I can do, it is agonizing to hear her and not be able to help?

    Again, any advice/suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you!!!

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    When it comes to nursing and teething, all bets are off. Some kids increase their nursing and night-waking pretty significantly. Others refuse to nurse. Some will bite. Some will not. Some will change their latch to accommodate sore gums, potentially leaving mom sore, and others won't change their latch at all. But the behavior you're seeing could definitely be due to teething. At at 8 months... Yeah, probably teething.

    Pumping once during the workday isn't ideal, because you have an 8 hour separation. Milk supply is created by demand, so your body is interpreting that very spaced out demand as a cue to reduce supply. If you can find a way to add in a pump session at work or pump right before you get to work, I think you might see an increase in output.

    Your period could definitely be playing into your pump output. Many moms notice a slump in output in the days/week leading up to their periods. As long as you nurse frequently and/or pump frequently, it should be temporary. But you may need to add in some sessions outside of work if you can't increase during the workday.

    One thing you might want to do is to take baby in to the doc and have someone check her ears. This is probably teething, in which case all you can do is nurse, give her cold teethers to chomp on (my mom swears by a wet washcloth that has spent a few minutes in the freezer), dose her with painkiller at night, and hope those teeth break through soon. But there's also a possibility that she's sick- ear infections often have no outward signs.
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    If her temperament has changed I would definitely take her to the pediatrician to rule things out. My pediatrician advised against orajel. I did use teething tablets and baby Tylenol or simillar product when they couldn't relax or get comfortable.
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    I sometimes use baby Tylenol and have found it helps a lot. I try and save it for night time, and sometimes I can get away with a half dose. Teething rings to chew on right before nursing sometimes helps.

    For work - is there anyway you can get even another short session or two in? I started a new job recently and where I'm in training I haven't wanted to take additional breaks because that would cause me to miss material. A 15 minute break isn't enough to get my stuff, get to the room, set up my electric pump, pump, and get back on time. So what I started doing was also bringing my single hand pump and using that on my 15 minute breaks (no set up or break down). I only get to pump for about five minutes, but that tiny bit really helped. Also remember you don't have to pump everything she eats while you're at work. You can also toss in an extra little bit at home too.

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    Thank you ladies so much. I have an appointment scheduled with her pediatrician to rule out ear infection but I'm pretty sure it was the teething. All of your suggestions worked great. The chilled teething rings and wash rags. I also found a gel by the same company that makes the teething tablets. It seems to really work at night. She only wakes up twice now. Makes for a much easier work day.

    As far as my supply I have been trying to get in an extra pump with my manual pump but I haven't really seen an increase yet. I will keep this hope and hopefully it will improve my supply. I am have almost used all of my freezer stash and that wouldn't be good at all. I have been known to forget my milk and leave it out when I get home from work. I have had to throw away over 20 ounces of milk. I cried so much the mornings I woke up and realized what I had done.

    As always you ladies are awesome and so supportive!!! It's great to have my smiling baby back.
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