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Thread: Green poop for 2.5mth old

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    I have a 2.5 month old that has at least one green poop a day for the last month. He nurses every 2-3 hours during the day for 20 minutes and sleeps 12 hrs at night. He has been doing this since 1 month old. That is when he started getting green poops consistenly. His percentiles have dropped from 1 month to 2 month appt. However, he is my 4th boy and ALL of them dropped percentiles, even when I switched to formula at 6 months w/ them they kept dropping. Not a weight loss but percentiles kept dropping. I called the lactation lady at the hospital and she said it was foremilk and suggested I pump before feedings. So, I've been pumping in the morning before the very first feeding to get rid of some of the foremilk. That seems to have helped. The poops have been a very dark yellow and also went to only 1 poop a day, but today he had another green. It was like someone put cooked spinach in there. Thoughts??? It's never frothy/mucusy. He is not fussy either.

    Oh and I read another thread about green poop and someone alluded to swaddling could upset breastfeeding. How? And what is block feeding?
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    Babies tend to sleep longer when swaddled. Most babies will continue to wake up and eat even if they are swaddled, but some of them won't. If swaddling is causing a baby to sleep through needed nighttime feeding opportunities, it can impact weight gain and milk supply. If your baby is sleeping swaddled, I would probably either stop swaddling and hope he wakes more often or set the alarm clock and wake him for 1-2 dream feeds at night. 12 hours is a long time for such a young baby to go without eating, especially since he started sleeping through so early and is feeding relatively infrequently during the day.

    Block feeding is a technique which is useful for moms who have too much milk. The mom feeds on just one breast at a time, sometimes for several feedings in a row (i.e. "blocks" of time). The lack of stimulation to and milk removal from the unused breast cues the body to reduce supply. Block feeding is something a mother should do ONLY if she needs to reduce her supply. Moms with normal or low supply should not block feed, no matter what color their babies' poops are.

    If a baby is gaining well and seems healthy and happy, green poops can be considered a normal variant in the spectrum of poop colors, particularly if they are only happening occasionally and the majority of the baby's poops are yellow. You only want to worry about green poops if they are consistently green, and/or the baby is not growing or developing as he should, or he is showing evidence of allergy (eczema, rashes, mucousy poop, blood-streaked or flecked poop, poor growth).

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