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Thread: Poor latch in older baby (16 months)

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    Hi all,
    This is my first post - up until now, we've had a pretty comfortable time nursing. No problems at all really. Now my poor girl is cutting her bottom molars and is driving me insane. She always had a bit of a shallow latch, but now her top teeth are cutting me. She nurses most of the night and it is SO PAINFUL. I am currently at school, so she doesn't get to nurse during the day, but I am exhausted from school all day and PAIN all night. I try and force a more open latch by drawing her in with her mouth wide, but she immediately pulls back and goes back to her old latch. I try and explain to her what I need - big mouth! and demonstrate, but she is really just starting to understand the most basic of language - she's a bright kid, but language is coming slowly for her. Any suggestions? I would like to night wean, but this seems like a bad time (we are in a hotel room, and she's teething...)

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    Hi! I have a 16 month old who I also suspect has always had a shallow latch and she also "resets" it if I try to adjust it for her
    If it's just the teething, I would imagine it will pass soon. When DD cut her top teeth, I found she would rest them on my nipple and just drag my nipple down. It was kind irritating. The advice I read on Kellymom.com was to adjust her whole body position. It worked 50% of the time for us. In the end, I just pushed through and it just got better, not one of my favourite stages of nursing (along with distractible baby phase) but very temporary.
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