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Thread: Desperate! PLEASE HELP! No idea whats going on/how to help!

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    Exclamation Desperate! PLEASE HELP! No idea whats going on/how to help!

    DD is 4 days shy of 3 months old. We've had latch issues in the past, reflux, congestion and gas. She is crying at least 2x a day when I try to nurse, she eats for about 3 minutes on average per side, I am lucky if she nurses on both sides. I know I had a great supply but I'm getting worried I'm going to lose it if I can't figure out what's going on. She ate decent around 130 this morning, ate for about a minute and a half on one side around 530 this morning and has cried at the breast since. I have been giving her gas drops and she tooted a few times late this morning but this is an everyday thing. Birth weight was 8 lb, dr appt last week was 16.6. We did confirm at this appt that there is no ear infection.

    I was told by the pediatrician to try offering the breast every couple of hours but my concern is, I do that, DD still cries most of the time, try again a hour later, still won't eat. Sometimes, it will be 4-6 hours or even longer before she will eat again. by the time I get her calmed down, she usually falls asleep. At this point, she nurses maybe 6x a day and that's not guaranting she nurses on both sides.

    PLEASE HELP! I'm almost in tears over this and had to pull the pump out yesterday and might again today.
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    Default Re: Desperate! PLEASE HELP! No idea whats going on/how to he

    I'm so sorry things have been so stressful, mama!

    Here's what I'm thinking. Your baby is not yet 3 months old and she's already 16.6 lbs- I checked the kellymom.com chart and she's above the 95th %ile. And you say you have a great supply. So you put those two facts together and maybe what is going on is that you have so much milk that a) your baby is gaining really fast and b) is getting so much milk at once that it's making her a fussy nurser (due to fast letdowns?) and c) she actually doesn't need that many feedings per day right now. I mean, the average baby needs at least 8 feedings per day in order to get her needs met, and most babies require more, particularly during growth spurts. But there are some babies out there who seem to do quite well on fewer feedings. Maybe yours is one?

    Well, what do you think of that hypothesis?

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